Current Programming in Lebanon


  • Provision of basic, person-focused assistance services to Persons with Disabilities among Refugees from Syria and their peers in Lebanese host communities.
  • Awareness-raising, coordination, and advocacy focusing on:
  1. Acknowledging and prioritizing:
    • The needs and rights of persons with disabilities.
    • The particular needs of the most vulnerable and hard-to-reach, and addressing the challenges associated with assisting them.
  2. Recognizing the value and importance of:
    • Rehabilitation, inclusion, and social integration of individuals with disabilities.
    • Provision of technical and material support to aid in policy formulation, ensure safe access to services, and enhance resilience, sustainability and local capabilities.
    • Capacity strengthening of local organizations and human resources for a creative, responsive, committed, and contextually appropriate sustainable support system.
    • Coordination and collaboration among different stakeholders to optimize resources and enhance service delivery.
    • Community-Based Rehabilitation (CBR) services approaches and programming for accessible and contextually appropriate interventions.
    • Providing attention, assistance, and capacity building for caregivers.
    • Promoting self-reliance and self-determination, as appropriate, among individuals with disabilities.
    • Alignment and coordination between local and international stakeholders.
  3. Preventing disabilities and their determinants.