Breaking Barriers: Ala's Quest for Better Vision

Ala Al-Shibli is a 15-year-old Syrian girl living with her family, including her mother, father, and three brothers, in Damour of Chouf District since the start of the war in Syria.

She has been struggling with poor eyesight and wearing outdated glasses. This situation has had a detrimental impact on her academic performance, making it difficult for her to see words and letters. Additionally, she has withdrawn socially, isolating herself from her schoolmates, and has become increasingly frustrated due to her inability to see the world around her and navigate her surroundings. Her extremely poor eyesight has also affected her balance, making it challenging to keep up with her lessons like her fellow students because she constantly requires assistance to fulfill her school responsibilities.

After her father, Bashar, applied for a medical glasses service through the World Rehabilitation Fund, we had a video call with Ola via WhatsApp to evaluate her struggles with visual focus, recognizing her surroundings, and her lack of self-confidence. Once her application was approved, we closely monitored the eyeglasses production. After receiving the glasses, the impact of this service was profound; Ala regained her balance, improved her ability to follow her lessons, and could now distinguish words and letters. Her newfound confidence allowed her to make friends and reengage with the world around her, as if she's given a fresh new start.

Ala's father expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the World Rehabilitation Fund for providing this service, which has helped his daughter reclaim a joyful life filled with productivity.