Breaking Barriers: Safa's Passage to Academic Success

Meet Safa Al-Rifaia, the young high school student who faced a rough year due to problems with her hearing abilitiy along with the psychological pressure to continue her studies -- especially because she was getting ready for big university exams.

Unfortunately, her family could not afford a proper hearing aid, which she desperately needed to excel in her studies and to pave the way for her future independence, including pursuing further education and employment.

But Safa did not give up. Safa took a proactive step and reached out to WRF’s representatives. Upon approval of her application, Safa's life began to change. She received the much-needed hearing aid and continuous support through the dedicated committee. This support was pivotal during her university exams, where she did even better than expected.

Safa is happy and proud of what she achieved. Now, she is looking for a job to help her family during these tough times, showcasing her exceptional abilities and determination.

As she navigates this new chapter, Safa's story reminds us that with the right support we can overcome any problem.