Overcoming Challenges with New Legs

Meet Samia Amer Hamade, a 7-year-old Lebanese girl born with severe congenital deformities in her lower limbs. Despite her early hardships, Samia's spirit remained unbroken. However, her journey to mobility was full of limitations. She longed to walk like her peers, but financial constraints prevented her parents from affording the necessary surgery and prosthetic devices that could transform her life.

When Samia was little, she couldn't walk like other kids. Instead, she had to crawl on her knees, which caused her pain. Her friends sometimes made fun of her, and she had to miss school a lot because she needed extra help at school.

In 2021, before Samia's amputation surgery, her family managed to secure the funds needed and contacted WRF to confirm the possibility of obtaining prosthetic devices for their daughter.

On October 27, 2022, WRF’s representative met Samia and her family to conducting a professional assessment. Among her first questions was whether she'd finally be able to stand and walk like her siblings and friends, and attend school just like any other child.

The transformative moment arrived when Samia received her prosthetic devices, expertly implemented by our partner, Vision Organization. When Samia got her new legs, she couldn't believe it. She stood up and walked, no longer reliant on constant assistance for her daily activities.

Today, Samia is a happy and confident girl. She goes to school, plays with her friends, and feels proud of what she can do. Samia's story reminds us to never give up, because amazing things can happen when we believe in ourselves.