Regaining Mobility with Prosthetic Devices

Ahmad Ramadan Ouso is a 25 years old Syrian man, that lives with a Syrian family from his village in Lebanon. He lost his parents due to the Syrian War in 2018. His only hope was given through this Syrian family that was assisting him through his daily life needs. The main burden Ahmad was going through was the amputation of both his legs that were burned severely during a very young age, when his parents’ house was set on fire. His left leg was amputated from the knee and below, while his right leg from the ankle. Ahmad spent his life crawling on his hands, which for sure affected his psychological and physical health, with very minimum ability to practice any kind of daily activity, he stated “I always see myself shorter than the others”.  WRF was able to assess Ahmad’s condition and take the proper measurements to apply for the most suitable prosthetic devices for his case.

After two months, Ahmad was able to wear his new prosthetic devices which drastically changed his life on spot. He was able to walk in a very balanced way, regardless that he has never used those devices previously, his smile and confidence shined back and he proudly mentioned “I feel I was reborn”. This service facilitated Ahmad’s life in many ways, where he can feel like an independent man again and practice and fulfill his needs all alone.