• Filling Assistance Gaps in Basic Rehabilitation Services
    Among Refugees from Syria with Disabilities and their Peers in Lebanese Host Communities
  • Assisting Persons With Disabilities
    Among Refugees From Syria and Their Peers in Lebanese Host Communities.
    Donate to victims with disabilities affected by the Beirut blast of August 04, 2020
  • Alleviating the Burdens of Displacement on Persons with Disabilities
    Among Refugees From Syria and Their Peers in Lebanese Host Communities
  • Expanding Economic Opportunities for Survivors of Landmines and War Victims
    in the District of Jizzine, South Lebanon

World Rehabilitation Fund

"The inherent desire of man to do something for his less fortunate fellow transcends religious dogmas, political beliefs, and geographical barriers. To believe in rehabilitation is to believe in humanity" - Howard A. RUSK, M.D., Founder, World Rehabilitation Fund. 

The World Rehabilitation Fund (WRF) was established in 1955 by the “father of rehabilitation medicine”, Dr. Howard A. Rusk. Since then, WRF has worked as a humanitarian non-profit private voluntary organization and helped serve over 4 million people with disabilities in more than 150 countries.

Our Vision and Values



Our Mission

WRF’s mission is to enable individuals around the world with functional limitations and participation restrictions to achieve community and social integration through physical and socio-economic rehabilitation and advocacy; and to prevent disability and reduce disadvantage.

With support from WRF core staff in New York, WRF-Lebanon works closely with teams of consultants as well as concerned others to develop culturally appropriate initiatives that address all aspects of rehabilitation, from treatment through socio-economic reintegration.

WRF believes that all people, regardless of disability, have the right to participate fully in their communities, to attain education and viable employment.