Transforming Lives Through Communication

Meet Ahmad the young refugee from Syria whose life took an unexpected turn that lead him to reside in Dousa Akkar. Despite his hearing challenges, Ahmad took on the role of the breadwinner for his mother and siblings, shouldering this responsibility with unwavering determination.

The threat of dismissal by his employer tested his strength due to his hearing loss, it becomes difficult to communicate with clients and coworkers alike. WRF's representative reached out, extending a lifeline, Ahmad finally received a hearing aid. The results of the service started to show remarkable changes in Ahmad’s life.

Gradually, he reclaimed his position in the workforce, feeling more confident and able to communicate again. Not only did this make him happy, but his mom and siblings also felt relieved and proud of him.

“Ahmad's progress is really impressive,” his employer said during our visit to his workplace in Tripoli. He also mentioned, “his productivity has increased and his relationship with clients has evolved”.

Ahmad's work, once hindered by communication barriers, had undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. His story reminds us all that communication is not just a conduit for information but a lifeline connecting us to opportunities, relationships, and the world at large.