LHF-WRF Project

WRF has launched project titled “Alleviating the Burdens of Displacement on Persons with Disabilities Among Refugees from Syria and their Peers in Lebanese Host Communities” in July 2018, funded by the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund (LHF).
This project aims to improve the physical and psycho-social well-being and protection of 900 PWDs (among RfS and their peers in LHCs) who have “life-saving” needs, in the eight Governorates of Lebanon. Activities of this project are programmed to be implemented over a period of six months.

Main Goal
To improve the physical and psycho-social wellbeing of persons with disabilities, who have “life-saving” and “life-sustaining” needs, among refugees from Syria (RfS) and their peers in Lebanese Host Communities (LHCs), in order to improve their protection, livelihoods, and social inclusion.

The Project targets the following:

1- Persons with sensory impairments in need of visual aids and prescription eyeglasses, and hearing aids and basic speech therapy to mitigate life threating risks by enabling them to benefit from education, capacity-building and communication; and to assume value-added social roles and contribute to their, and their families, livelihood and wellbeing.

2- PWDs in need of self-care and home-care disposable and non-disposable products and rehabilitation aids.

3- PWDs in need of physical and occupational therapy

4- Children with severe and multiple disabilities in need of special life-saving special wheelchairs and positioning seats.